Your secret weapon for strategic communications.

After working for many of the world's top public relations firms for more than a decade, and servicing a wide variety of accounts in countless industries, April White is a unicorn in her field.


A generalist who has represented corporate, consumer, crisis, and B2B clients, April can assist with everything from creative PR strategies, media relations, crafting crisis messaging and bylined articles to writing press releases and repurposing dry, technical content into alluring, social media blurbs.


Due to her diverse experience, flexibility, and eagerness to take on any challenge, April is the behind-the-scenes helper for many reputable mid-size businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs as well as top PR firms who need an extra player, a pinch hitter or PR cleanup wolf to help with whatever they don't have the time or resources to handle that week.


April is always up for last-minute fastballs, outlier projects, and taking on big projects (due yesterday) that have fallen through the cracks or need to be done by EOD.


As an enthusiastic outsider who stays inspired by tackling an ever-changing flow of assignments, April is full of fresh energy and ideas that breathe new life into whatever she touches.

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